Few days back we have done some survey in our organization – SufalamTech, one of the question asked in that was – please pick four words that describe the term “entrepreneurship”. My team has given good thought on it and given really relevant and different words for this term. Some of the words they defined for entrepreneurship are “good leadership”, “having new dream everyday and try to achieve it”, “taking risk”,  “managing resources effectively” and many more.

I agree with these answers as they define entrepreneurship in one way or other, however for me entrepreneurship means one big word and that is “PASSION”. I have a passion to get succeed not even in business, but in every aspects of my life and that motivates me to give best output.

Every morning I start my day with new challenges, problems, deadlines and issues; believe me sometime these challenges are really very big for me to tackle. However at this time only one thing motivates me to fight back and get out of all these and that is my “PASSION”. I just recall my dream, my vision, my inspirations, my god and then I just do my work with best efforts.

Anyway, so from my point of view I would like to describe the enterprenurship with following words.

1. Dream

You need to have some dream, some vision for yourself. Without dream there is no way you can make progress.

2. Passion

If you are starting your own venture,  you should have burning desire for success, to make a difference, to achieve something.This passion only helps you in fighting the odds and move ahead.

3. Take calculative risk

If you want to do something on your own, then you should have a courage to take risk. But, this should not be a blind risk. You should always calculate positive and negative side of it and after that start with something new.

4. Never afraid of failure

One obvious thing is if you don’t try then you won’t achieve. So, best thing is to try out new things, without worrying about failure (yes, but it should always be calculative risk).

5. Think ahead

Always, think for future and work in presence. Have a good vision for yourself and try hard to achieve that.

6. Association

In this competitive word, there is nothing like one man show. To achieve the best in your business/life you have to make association with the best persons, who can improve your strength. Have a great team, best advisers and lots of well wishers. All these can really make a difference for you.

7. Progress

You should always think for the progress of your self, your team and your organization.

There is very popular quote from Paulo Coelho –  ““When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping…”, I believe that it’s 100% true. If you really desire for something from your heart and if you really make honest effort to achieve that, then all the things in world will favor you.

Well, these are my thoughts and I welcome all of you to comment on it and share your thoughts.



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