I can write separate posts for each of above terms – Goals, Vision, Attitude, Passion & Success and I will write also in coming weeks. But, I can’t resist expressing my thoughts regarding this; hence I am writing something about it in a single post as of now.

I believe that every person set some goals in his/her life…these goals should be set such like that it leads you to your vision. Many times I say these words to my colleague, friends and relatives that “Find your vision…”, but unfortunately many people are unable to identify their vision for life and hence get failed or become unsatisfied. I would suggest all of you that think peacefully with calm and stable mind, take some time for yourself and find the vision for your life. If you are a business man than you should have clear vision for your business, if you are some professional than you should have clear vision for your work. You should be able to visualize yourself after next 5 or 10 years. Once you decide your vision, you will automatically able to identify your goals to achieve that vision.

May be you already have some goals and vision towards your life/profession. However, if you are not making honest efforts to achieve that goals than there are better chances of failure. And you can make good efforts only if you have correct attitude towards that. So now what we mean by term “Attitude”? Well, attitude is “the way of looking at life”. Achieving success in your life/career isn’t just about brains, talents, emotions and connections. But, what matters most is your attitude, your belief. Following are three major pillars of positive attitude.

  1. Take personal responsibility
  2. Nothing is impossible
  3. Failure is the best teacher

And mark my words that once you build positive attitude in yourself, word will automatically notice you and your efforts.

Sometime I had got the excuses from people that “I had tried, but…”, may be they have tried it with positive attitude. Than what stopped them from achieving success? Well, that thing might be is “Passion”. You might have goals, you might have vision, you might have positive attitude but unless and until you build a passion/a desire to achieve that you might not get success. Here, I would like to quote Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

“Dream is not what you see in sleepDream is the thing which does not let you sleep.” – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

I have a burning desire of setting up reputed IT services & Solution Company and it keeps me awake day and night for achieving my goals. So, the bottom-line is to have some burning desire/passion for your goals and try to achieve that in any situation.

At last about everybody’s favorite word – “Success”. Success might be a relative term; hence it can have different meaning for different person. But ultimately each one of us is working for that only. Here, I would like to quote one joke, which has been told to me by one of our “Spiritual Mentor”.

One day a bagger was standing in front of a big car, asking the car owner to give some money. The car owner got annoyed by bagger’s look and clothes and he pushed away the bagger from car.  However, unexpectedly bagger started laughing towards the owner. This time the car owner asked to bagger “why are you laughing?” The bagger replied politely “Sir, maybe we are at different level, but we both have same desire and we both are working for that only”. Shocked by bagger’s answer, car owner asked him again “How can our desire be same? I am the millionaire person and you are one bagger, how can you compare me with yourself?” The bagger replied “Sir, you might be working for your second million and I am in the process of making my first”.

Hence, the idea is everybody is working here for achieving their goals, but only those got succeed who have correct attitude and passion towards that. However, sometimes after making all those honest efforts, once gets failed due to any reason. In such situation one should not get disappointed and stop trying to achieve their goals.

Well, I was not planning to make above post so much serious and full of advices (really sorry for that :(), but I had just written all those qualities which I have observed in successful people and which I expect from anybody – (Friends, Relatives, Associates, Colleagues, Clients).

Thanks for reading such a lengthy post and understanding my thoughts. I hope I will deliver some short and easy posts ahead. :)

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