“I think I am still growing and learning. I have not achieved anything and I am not boasting because I feel there is so much to be done. I don’t delve into past. What is done is done. You have to move ahead in life.” – Excerpt from the interview of one of the most admired Indian hero Dev Anand.

Dev Anand - Movie "Guide"

Many times we become frightened of people, situation or the end result and stop doing things which our heart wants us to do. Dev Anand has done what he has thought of and what he has believed true without being afraid of the end result or people’s opinion/reaction.  He was not fascinated by the results, but he has definitely enjoyed the journey to achieve the results by constantly growing and learning.

Everybody of us have dreams, however very few of us have courage to live what we dream. I have used the word “courage”, because it requires guts to live what you dream and not “chance”. As I firmly believe that world gives you lot of chances to live what you dream, however it requires your courage to step out and follow it.

In one of his other interviews Dev Anand has said that “Dreams should never die. When the dreams are dead, you are dead. After fulfilling every dream, I realize there is a new dream that dawn.” This is what makes life rolling, you achieve something and after that you move on to your next goal instead of just cherishing your current success.

The other thing which we should learn from Dev Anand is – “No Regret”.  When you follow your dreams, it’s not necessary that each of your dreams come true when you expect it. As said in the quote “It’s not how many times you fall that matters, it’s how many times you bounce back.” Whatever you do in your life, do with utmost passion and commitment, so at the end you at least do not regret your efforts. Obviously the result is not in your hand, but you can always make sure that you make honest efforts for achieving the result.

There are many more things we can share and learn from this real hero’s life like being confident, strong decision making skill, being passionate & enjoying each moment of the life. Unfortunately he left this world on December 3.

Rip:  Legendary hero of Indian Cinema…!!

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